Side Project Bands Vinyl

Side Project Bands Vinyl

•••Hallways of Always•••
“Invisible Light” (second release)
Band members:
Jenny Hoyston- (vocals, keys, guitar)
William Whitmore- (vocals, bass, guitar)
Mike Schulte- (drums)
Joel Anderson- (electric guitars)
Luke Tweedy- (engineer, modular synth)
Cover art by Patrick Horvath

•••Middle Western••• “When Your Demons are Underground . . . and You’ve Got to Dig Them Up”
Middle Western band members:
Brian Cooper (Drums)
Stevie Doyle (Guitar)
Steven “the kid” Howard (Guitar/Harmony Vocals),
David Zollo (Keyboard/Vocals)
William E Whitmore (Bass/Vocals).
Cover art by Lettie Jane Rennekamp

•••Dope Walker••• “Save Save”
Band Members:
Jeff Allen (Guitar,Vocals)
Joel Anderson (Guitar,Vocals)
Aaron Mader (Guitar,Beats,Vocals)
Mike Schulte (Drums)
William E Whitmore (Bass,Vocals)
Cover art by
Joel Anderson(Photo)
Andrew Cahak (Layout)
William Whitmore (Lettering)